Proiect cofinantat din Fondul European de Dezvoltare Regionala.

General and specific objectives:ro_flag20x12

The general, main, objective of THB-ADMIN project is the enhancement of administrative and management performance withing the Clinical Hospital “Prof. Dr. Theodor Burghele” with the aim of hightening the capacity of implementing existing and futur projects, developing and enhancing the Hospital’s communication as well internally as externally and facilitating access to financial instruments, thus offering the posibility for continuous and durable development.

The specific objectives of the project are:

enhancing institutional management by aquiring professional consultation in this field

the enhancement of the hospital’s administrative performance   by aquiring ultimate generation IT equipment;

improving the organisational structure;

improving and promoting the hospital’s institutional image;

rendering valuable research results (research activities which took place in the hospital);

  • facilitating access to financial instruments;
  • increasing the quality of the hospital’s organisation system;
  • improving the quality of service;
  • enhancing decisional process.

By the means of the defining activities of the project, THB-ADMIN harmouniously binds with the specific objective of The Sectorial Operational Program Enhancing Economic Competitivity – Priority Axis 2 “Competitivity through research, technological development and innovation”, activities which will help to an increase of research-development capacity and will sustain cooperation with similar units.

Strenghtening administrative capacity and management will result in improving the hospital’s activities and methods.

The goal of the project is the enhancement of the hospital’s managerial and administrative performance towards efficient implementation of research and development activities and present and future projects, as well as improving the cooperation between the hospital and similar public institutions. Also, the project will help reduce the medical gap in medical education and research, thriving towards European Union standards.


1. Acquisition of services for improving administrative capacity (consultation services regarding enhancement of institutional management, towards the capitalization of research results, institutional promotion and access to financial instruments(months 1,2)

1.1. Preparation of appropriation documentation (month 1)

1.2. Unrolling the acquisition and contract procedure (month 1-2)

2. Consultation services regarding the enhancement of institutional management – 5 months (months 2-6)

2.1. Identifying the enhanceable activities – 2 months (months 2-3)

2.2. Providing solutions for the improvement of institutional management (hospital’s diagnostics report and proposed solutions report) –    4 months (months 3-6)

3. Cunsult services for capitalization of research results – 5 months(months 2-6)

3.1. Identifying methods for rendering the research results valuable – 3 months (months 2-3)

3.2. Consultation for applying the identified capitalization methods – 3 months (months 4-6)

4. Consult services regarding the improvement of access to financial resources methods – 5 months (months 2-6)

4.1. Facilitating access to information regarding financial instruments by creating monthly financial source catalogs – 2 months (months 2-3)

4.2. Assistence for accessing financial instruments – 4 months (months 3-6)

5Image and institutional promotion  4 months (months 3-6)

5.1. Web page actualization – 3 months (months 3-6)

5.2. Asistence in elaborating presentation flyers – 3 months (months 3-5)

6. Acquisition of tangible assets for improvement of institution management (IT equipment and inventory objects) – 6 months (months 1-6)

6.1. Creating documentations regarding acquisitions – 1 month (month 1)

6.2. Organising an auction – 2 months (months 2 – 3)

6.3. Contracting, delivery, installing equipments – 4 months  (months 3 – 6)


7. Acquisition of intangible assets for improving institution management – 6 months (months 1 – 6)

7.1. Developing technical specifications regarding auction documentation for acquisition of intangible assets – 1 month: month 3 ;

7.2. Organising an auction regarding intangible assets – 3 months – months 2-4;

7.3. Contracting, installing intangible assets – 4 months- (onths 3-6.

8. Informing and publicity – 6 months (months 1-6)

8.1. Actualization and mantainance of web page – 6 months ( months 1-6)

8.2. Elaborating institutional promotion flyers – 2 months ( months 5-6)

8.3. Realization of publicitary panels and stickers – 2 months ( month 1 and month 6);

8.4. Press anouncements – 2 months ( month 1 and month 6)

9. Project management – 6 months (months 1-6)

9.1. Management and coordonation – 6 months (months 1-6)

10. Financial audit – 2 months (months 5-6)


By implementing the project we anticipate the following results  :

  • providing the hospital with ultimate generation IT equipment which will allow for: hospital’s efficient communication with other medical units, the correct implementation of different national and/or international projects and correct management of all activities; cutting diagnostics time; cutting results communication time; reducing the number of complaints of all those involved in the hospital’s activities: pacients, partners, providers, inspectors etc.;
  • capitalizing of the research results will result in the receival of patents and marks ;
  • it is expected that in the next years the hospital will take part in various national and international projects, as unic solicitant or in partnership;
  • developing of studies, at least 3 anually, as a result of research-developing activities;
  • publication of articles regarding prostate cancer research, renal cancer, bladder cancer , renal lithiasis in national scientific journals CNCSIS (5 articles anually) and in journals of international circulation classified as ISI (1 article anually);

The hospital’s research activity will by improved by monitoring with the lastest informatics system and with help from institutional consultance management, capitalization of research results and facilitating access to new financial instruments, the Clinical Hospital “Prof. Dr. Theodor Burghele” will step with success towards new opportunities in development.